About Us


Anthony Bautista – Founder/Owner

Checkstand Program

Born and raised in Northern California. Anthony has been a successful start-up inventor, manufacturer & sole supplier of the patented “spill resistant” spittoon for the wholesale & retail industry. Anthony has directed & developed/invented several ideas for new products and product enhancements. He also landed nationwide promotions with U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co and Swisher International. He strategically sold products to over 30,000 stores in the U.S./Canada including 7-Eleven, Shell, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Circle K, Fred’s Discount and Rite Aid. He has successfully guided transactions and closed deals with Fortune 500 companies leading to national promotions at major sporting events including NASCAR, PBR, NHRA and MLB. Anthony was key factor in directing the sales across 250 distribution centers and 75 national major retail accounts . Anthony also implemented competitive strategies, concepts and ideas for national magazines (placed in 7 National trade magazines) PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2006 C-Store Magazine. http://www.cspnet.com/category-news/tobacco/articles/usst-taps-diptops

Through the process of his success, he developed strong relationships with convenience store distributors and c store brokers over the years and that’s how he started the “Checkstand Program”. He knew that he could leverage his relationships and help others get their products into convenience stores.

Will Robins – Founder/Owner

Will Robins

Born and raised in southern Arkansas. With 10 years in sales, Will started a distribution company in Little Rock Arkansas and began developing routes for products and snack cakes throughout the region. While selling to stores he began seeing opportunities to sell to other distributors. Through relentless effort, persistence, and great organization Will grew his market from just the stores he serviced as a service distributor to other wholesalers, brokers, and distributors throughout the country.

Landing some of the first Iphone chargers for spring break one year, Will met Anthony Bautista and they started exchanging contacts. Will purchased Anthony’s directory and began working it while giving Anthony some of his own contacts. Selling off his inventory and working on a few other projects with Anthony the two knew they had something big as they were both great at sales and developing relationships.

As friends and strangers began wanting the two to work on pioneering products together they found that a new product needed to be tested first. This is where the idea for Check Stand Program was first conceived. The two have grown Checkstand Program into its Nationally recognized status and are looking to continue to grow and help more companies in the future.